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Bad Dog


Have a professional train your dog


Could your dog use a course in manners? Don’t have time to train him yourself?


Our Day training program Doggie Boot Camp is the answer. Between work, family, home, and hobbies, few people have the time to train their dogs and yet all dogs need training to learn how we humans would like them to behave.


Why not have a highly qualified professional train your dog? We have the experience and the skills and use only positive methods grounded in canine behavioral science. Even better, we train your dog throughout the day, not in separate training sessions. That means the training will work where you need it most: in everyday life.


We do the work—all you have to do is enjoy the results.


(Please note: We are not a boarding facility.)

Get Help With

Basic Obedience

  • Recall/come when called

  • Loose-leash walking

  • Sit, down, stand, stay

Rude Behavior

  • Jumping up on people

  • Pulling/lunging on leash

  • Barking, chewing, digging

Don’t see your dog’s problem here? Give us a call. We can help with most problems, and always tailor the training program to suit your needs.



This training is done out of our Mendota Heights location at 2415 Pilot Knob Road, Mendota Heights, MN.  


How long:

8:30-4:30pm Monday - Thursday.

What comes with training: 

  • Daily training to to meet your goals.

  • 1/2-hour private lesson once a week, when you pick up your dog.




"We have a different dog now! While she still has that endless puppy energy , we can see the manners and behaviors that you taught her, shine through. I hope the others in those 2 weeks did as well. Your facility did so well with her and was able to tap into her intelligence and have such great success. As Golden  rescuers, giving us those tools to continue her progress, will also help future rescues. With those skills we will be able to help more Golden’s coming into our home. Thank you again!" Bonnie and Frank



“Kristin’s training during Daisy’s puppyhood helped turn her into the wonderful adult dog she is today. She learned manners and basic training skills like Walk, Sit, Down, Leave it, etc. Thank you, Kristin!”



We’ve trained other dogs in the past through different facilities without nearly this level of success. Even with just the Basic Class under our belt, the difference in Mac is amazing!

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