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Kai with rat


Barn Hunt is a fun sport that allows dogs of all ages, breeding, background to come play on a course of straw bales while searching for a rat.  The rats are hidden in safe tubes in the straw and it is up to your dog to search them using their amazing scenting skills!  

We are offering Introduction to Rat and Instinct and Indication classes for those that have never attempted this sport or if you want to reinforce your foundation skills.  These classes allows the dogs and handlers to begin to develop the skills needed to perform barn hunts.  Introduction to the rat and timing of rewards to build your dog's desire to find the rat will be the main focus of the Intro courses and basic competition rules will be covered.  You can repeat the Intro course as needed to build your dog's competency to take the rat instance test and prepare for a Novice course competition.  


Once you're ready to move on, we offer a Barn Hunt Skill Builders class that focuses on navigating tunnels and climbing straw bales.   Proofing, multiple tubes, and trial readiness, as well as scent theory and handler strategies, will also be covered.

Barn Hunt Instinct and Indication  
New to Barn Hunt? This is where you start!
Your dog learns to differentiate between an empty tube, a tube with rat litter in it and a tube with a rat safely housed in it, waiting for your dog to find it.  The goal of this class is to prepare for your Barn Hunt Instinct Test and trialing at the Novice and Open levels or to just have fun with your dog.  You will enhance your ability to read your dog's behavior when searching for a tube with a  rat and ignoring tubes that have no value for your dog.  You will work on straight and single turn tunnels and bale climbing with your dog.  This is a class you can take as many times as needed to perfect the instinct and indication in your dog for fun or Novice and Open competitions levels.


3 weeks, 1 hour per week

Class size:

Maximum 6 dogs


$85.00 per dog

Barn Hunt Skill Building
Trialing for a while? This is for you!

Barn Hunt Skill Building class focuses on navigating multiple turn tunnels and climbing straw bales in preparation for Senior, Master and Crazy 8s competition.   Proofing on indication, multiple tubes, continued practice and trial readiness as well as scent theory and handler strategies will also be covered.  This is a continuing class that can be taken as often as desired.


3 weeks, 1 hour per week


Class size:

Maximum 6 dogs

Cost: $85.00



Instinct and Indication or teams that are already competing or have titled in Barn Hunt.

Barn Hunt Ring Rental.......


We have several options for renting our 25x25 Barn Hunt ring and rats. 


Private lessons - this is for the team that needs one on one coaching with a barn hunt instructor. 


Open Ring Time - this is for the team that just wants to practice on their own with their dog.

25 min sessions are for up to 2 dogs and include up to 2 rats and 2 litter tubes

55 min sessions are for up to 4 dogs and include up to 4 rats and 2 litter tubes

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