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Who is it for?

Any dog or puppy. Puppies must be 5 months old and should have received all their shots before entering the program. Adult dogs must be current on all vaccinations.

Will my dog return perfect?

It is important to discuss primary goals and reasonable expectations before the program starts. A dog that leaves the program acting “perfectly” will still need some work on the part of the owners to maintain the training. Our goal is to empower owners in addition to training dogs. Living creatures are never as perfect as we’d like. Training is a lifelong process. Think of this as one heck of a jumpstart and hundreds of hours of frustration saved. You will have the tools and support you need for a lifetime of success, but ultimately you determine your dog’s behavior.


What if the dog just learns to listen to the trainer?

Make sure to utilize the follow-up sessions to ensure the training transfers to your home environment. A good program will also train you.


Bootcamp sounds a little militant. Will they be mean to my dog during its stay?

At For the Love of Dogs, we are kind to both people and dogs, and treat them as we would our own family. All the dogs enjoy their stay, even the ones that have struggled in other facilities. We add structure and build character in the dog. We keep the numbers low so that each dog can receive a lot of personal attention.


What if my dog isn’t trainable?

I’ve yet to encounter a healthy dog that’s un-trainable, though some certainly are more difficult (e.g. very fearful dogs often learn more slowly). If in doubt, we offer an initial consultation before taking the dog in.


Will my dog return with its personality crushed?

Absolutely not. We focus on bringing out the best aspects of your dog’s personality, even if this means we have to put in a little more work. As mentioned above, I recommend being as clear about your goals as possible so that the trainer can adapt the training approach to fit your lifestyle, outlook and goals. Our system brings out the best in dogs.


How long should a training program be?

Our minimum stay is 14 days. In general, the longer the training, the more it sinks in. Three weeks is a good estimate if you’re looking for significant behavioral changes to sink in. If your goal is just to have the dog taught some new behaviors, and your willingness to do the practice sessions when the dog goes home, a shorter stay can suffice.


What is your availability?

For those who need the training to take place over specific dates, I recommend reserving a spot with a $200 non-refundable deposit. Because we keep the number of dogs we work with at any one time limited, we cannot hold spots without a deposit.


Do you take credit cards?

Absolutely we can take credit card payments through PayPal. We do add a 4% convenience fee to credit card payment.  Checks are also welcome and preferred.


Is my dog a good candidate for one of your programs?

We focus on pet dogs with behavior problems. We’d love to meet you to find out. Our main service area is Twin Cities metro area and Western Wisconsin. We do also take dogs from out of state and can pick up and drop off at the airport. 


What does my dog need vet-wise?

All dogs must be up-to-date on shots (or titers), have a negative fecal test within the last 6 months,  on flea medication, and out of any shelter/humane society/pet store for at least two weeks. All medical conditions must be disclosed.


When can my dog visit?

Doggie Boot Camp runs all year round, but give us a call before you pack a bag for your dog. Space is limited and available by appointment only.


Where will my dog stay?

Your dog will have a private 4 x 8 indoor sleeping area. You can send his bed along with him, so he has something familiar to sleep on.


What about exercise?

That’s built into our routine. Our doggie guests enjoy designated playtime every day as well as romps in a 2-acre fenced yard.


Will my dog have fun?

Absolutely. We believe learning should be fun and approach dog training as an exciting game for your dog to play.


How many dogs do you train at a time?

We only enroll 3 dogs per trainer in Doggie Boot Camp at a time. We’re not a boarding facility, but a training facility, so our priority is to give each dog the individual attention needed for successful training results.

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