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For The Love Of Dogs is now offering dock diving classes in conjunction with The Dog Tank.


Dock diving is a canine sport in which dogs are enticed to run the length of a dock and leap as far out as possible into a pool. They’re motivated to fly with a toy thrown just out of reach to keep their momentum going and help get the best launch.


Of course it’s great to see dogs enjoying themselves in a fun activity, and jaw-droppingly awesome to watch gifted canine athletes in full extension soaring through the air.


What’s in it for the dog, you ask? Well, some likely just enjoy the chance to splash in, swim a little, and grab that toy. Others seem to relish the hang time, stretching themselves as if to reach for every last bit of height or distance they can get.


Dock diving can be a competitive sport for dogs, OR you and your dog can also just enjoy the benefits of swimming.  

Instructors:  Steve Powell, Kristin Elmquist, Nora Reid,

Kim Hoppe

Dock Diving 
This class introduces your dog to the pool, working on building confidence and comfort in the water and excitement in retrieving a toy.  Building a strong foundation in swimming and retrieve helps create a successful dock diving team while ensuring your dog is introduced to this exciting sport in a positive training environment.  Once your dog is confident on the ramp and going into the pool to retrieve you will work on jumping and diving.   As a handler, you will also begin work on perfecting your toss and timing.  You may repeat this class as many times as desired to work on different skills. 

If you think dock diving is something you’d like to try with your dog, there are a few key things important to know about your dog:
  • You need to have a dog that is motivated to chase or retrieve something.

  • You need to have a dog that likes to swim and isn’t afraid of getting wet.

  • It helps to have a toy motivated dog as you can’t throw treats into the pool


Wear cloths to get wet, non-skid shoes (not flip-flops) to wear around the pool area and towels, we will have a bathroom for changing.  



3 weeks, 1 hour per week

Class size:

Maximum 6 dogs

Intro to Air Retrieve

This class introduces your dog to the game of Air Retrieve. 

The object of this games is to remove the  Air Retrieve Nerf bumper by either the dog grabbing it or just knocking it off. The bumper is suspended 2’ above dock height. With each successful grab, the toy is moved out in 1’ increments, until the dog misses twice at the same distance, or 3 times overall.

Wear/bring clothing that can get wet, non-skid shoes (not flip flops) to wear around the pool area and towels, we will have a bathroom for changing and a drying station for your dog.  


3 weeks, 1 hour per week

Class size:

Maximum 4 dogs


Dog is motivated to grab the Nerf bumper & has been dock diving for 1 year. 

Pool Rental:


We have several options for pool rental. 


Private lessons - this is for the dock diving team that needs one on one coaching with a dock diving instructor. This option also includes the use of our Air Retrieve Rig and Extreme Vertical Rig. 


Open Pool Time - this is for the dock diving team that just needs practice or the dog that just wants to swim. This option does NOT include the use of the Air Retrieve Rig or Extreme Vertical Rig.   No instruction or coaching is provided.  If your dog has NEVER been in a pool before, we recommend starting with a private lesson as some dogs, who may love lakes and rivers, may not react the same with a clear water pool.  If your dog has never swum before, it is highly recommended to start with a private lesson.