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Puppy Socialization

Puppy Socialization

Socializing your puppy to the big, wide world is one of the very first things you, as a responsible puppy parent, need to incorporate into their young life to ensure they grow into a confident and friendly adult.   For The Love of Dogs Puppy Socialization Classes focus on providing education, tools and resources for you, the puppy parent, to have a well socialized puppy and put them on a path of a lifetime of enrichment and learning.  Timing of puppy socialization is critical, the younger the better to build confidence and social skills.  8-18 weeks old puppies will be gently exposed to many things they will encounter during their lifetime, from moving objects and novel floor surfaces, to introduction to mat work and from toy play to how to meet and greet other dogs.  Handling of the puppies will be emphasized, to prepare them for having their paws, tails, ears, and teeth examined; and a basic introduction to home grooming will be covered.  Puppies will be allowed supervised, short puppy meet and greet play time during class gives you a chance to observe your puppy’s play habits without getting them over-stimulated.   Puppy socialization in For The Love of Dogs’ positive, non aggressive, science-based and reward-based environment builds a fantastic foundation towards a confident and well adjusted dog.


Puppy Kindergarten


Build a happy and socially friendly dog!  For puppies 8-18 weeks old, Puppy Kindergarten focuses on introducing your puppy to novel things in their environment to build confidence when out in the big world that moves, has bumpy or strange surfaces.  Your puppy will meet new and different dogs in short, supervised meet and greets and you will start conditioning your puppy to learning that having their ears, paws, tails and teeth can be a positive experience, helping to minimize anxiety that can occur when visiting their vet.continues your puppy’s socialization journey, adding new environmental and social exposures to your puppy’s life to build a happy and confident adult dog.  Socialization is critical to help your puppy grow into a socially friendly and happy adult dog and prep them for many other dog training opportunities from manners to dock diving to barn hunt to nose work and more. 


Length:  4 weeks, 30 minutes per week

Class Size: Up to 6 puppies

Cost: $40.00 

Prerequisites: None

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