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Barking In The New Year, 2020

Spend New Year's Eve testing your dogs skills in a scent work, Rat Games and/or join in the Leap Into The New Year North American Diving Dog (NADD) trial to ring in the New Year!



Raffle Baskets give away throughout the day and evening - earn raffle tickets in a multitude of fun ways.  Participate in a fun run (or more than one) and earn tickets!  Get raffle tickets for showing up in a cool tropical shirt or holiday sweater!  Dress your dog for the holiday and get a raffle ticket!  Designated drivers get a raffle ticket.  Baskets will be given out at 4:00 pm, 6:00 pm, 8:00 pm and 10:00 pm.  You do need to be present (or have a representative pick up your basket that night) to win.   

Under current MN COVID19 directions, no pot luck will be held this year.

Indoor crating available in the Main Training Area for dock diving dogs, (all non related crates must be kept 6' apart)


Don't want to drive home?  Book a room at the Best Western Dakota Ridge and ask for the For The Love of Dogs rate of $89.00, no dog fee!  


Best Western Dakota Ridge - just two miles south of the building

3450 Washington Dr, Eagan, MN 55122

(651) 452-0100


Sniffing Challenges

12:00 pm - 4:00 pm  

One multiple room search area, multiple levels of hide challenges.  The harder the scent problem, the more raffle tickets you get if your dog finds source.  3 minute runs, you can purchase up to 2 runs per dog.  Crating will be out of your vehicle and the REMIND app will be used to call you in for your turn.  


Rat Games

2:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Try out two fun Rat Games: Distance (with a Twist) and Heads or TailsDistance (with a Twist): This game requires your dog to work the course while you stay behind a distance line - the twist is there will be two sections where rats are hidden to increase the challenge!   Tickets earned for number of rats found and for completing a tunnel.  Click here to see a basic layout:   Heads or Tails: Work your dog at a distance with limited rats on course. The course is divided into 2 halves with cones. The course map is marked with heads on one side and tails on the other.  A coin is flipped to determine which side the handler is on. The other side is a distance challenge which the handler can not cross unless "rat" is called.  How to earn a ticket for the raffles: Each rat found = two tickets and first successful tunnel = one ticket. Click here to see a basic layout.


Crating will be out of your vehicle and the REMIND app will be used to call you in for your turn.


Leap Into the New Year Official NADD Event

7:00 pm - Midnight

A sanctioned NADD event to bring in the New Year.  Three splashes, the third splash will include a drawing for one person to jump their dog as part of a live streaming event at midnight!  Each splash you sign up for earns you 3 raffle tickets.  The REMIND app will be used to call you in for your turn.

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